Will Service for Prospect Claim Members

Edwards & Co are delighted to have the opportunity to provide a will writing service for members of Prospect.

For most people making a will is very straightforward but making the effort to put a will in place does ease the burden on your loved ones after your death.

You can follow this link to a form which you can complete on line. Hopefully this will provide us with all of the information which we will need to prepare a draft will which we shall email to you for approval. We will contact you, usually by phone, for clarification of any necessary matters. Once you have approved your will we will ask you to come into our office to sign it, this way we can ensure that the correct formalities are observed and we will have an opportunity to discuss any issues which you might have face to face.

Of course if you would prefer to give instructions face to face we would be happy to meet with you.

To arange an initial appointment with Cathy Warnock please contact reception on 028 9032 1863.

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