How long have you worked in Edwards & Co?
I recently joined Edwards & Co as a new member of their litigation team.

Do you specialise in any particular area?
Yes, I specialise in personal injury litigation which includes areas such as Medical Negligence, Road Traffic Accidents, Criminal Injuries, Employer Liability and Public/Occupier's/Product Liability.

What do you like about what you do?
Practicing as a lawyer puts me in the rewarding and privileged position of being able to help people in need, particularly at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. This is why I have a particular interest in the area of medical negligence, where individuals and families feel that they have been let down by the system and need critical assistance to tackle the situation they find themselves in.

What’s the best case you’ve ever worked on?
In a previous firm I assisted a Partner in a milestone Medical Negligence case involving a young boy who had been left severely disabled after inadequate treatment for an infection he developed shortly after his birth.This case has been described as a "landmark" case of its type and is believed to be one of the biggest settlements of its kind in Northern Ireland, where the Health Trust paid out £8m in compensation to meet the minor’s financial, physical and developmental needs for his lifetime.The settlement meant the minor could avail of some of the best modern technology available for people with mobility and cognitive difficulties, which would add greatly to his development and quality of life extending into adulthood.

What do Francesca’s clients say about her?

"You've been approachable, personable and reactive"
"You've been a star throughout these testing times"
"I am so glad that I had you on my team"


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