Our Charity Policy

 Edwards & Co. recognises that a large number of charitable organisations rely heavily upon donations from the business sector in NI and appreciates the increasing difficulties which many organisations face in raising much needed funds.
It is regrettable that due to the enormous number of requests we receive for financial support that we cannot provide assistance in all cases.
Therefore, in August of each year we appoint one charity as our Charity Partner who we will support and direct our fund raising efforts towards for that year.
The Charity Partner appointed for 2016/17 is Bowel Cancer UK and our goal is to raise/donate in excess of £15,000.00 through various events.
In 2006 Edwards & Co. set out to build a college in Kenya and having succeeded in this project we continue to fund the charity “Out of Africa” through our payroll giving.
In selecting our Charity Partner for August 2017 to 31st July 2018 we will consider specific requests submitted in accordance with our policy.

All Applications must be:

1. In writing or by email
2. From “not for profit” organisations or recognised charities
3. Meet important community needs
4. Benefit the community in Northern Ireland
General Limitations
Edwards & Co. will not consider applications from
- Political Parties or religious groups
- Individuals
- Sponsorship for trips or tours
- Organisations that are grant making bodies
- Organisations whose mandate is to influence or lobby government
Assessment & Notification
Edwards & Co. will consider all applications and make their decision by 31st July 2017.
Applicants should note that the financial year for Edwards & Co. ends on this date.
Proposals should  be submitted no later than 30th June; applications will only be accepted during the month of June 2017.
Completed applications should be forwarded to the Practice Manager david.mcclurg@edwardsandcompany.co.uk .