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No. The facility to get divorced online is not available in Northern Ireland. It is still necessary to lodge divorce papers with the Court office and for one or both divorcing spouses to attend at Court, depending on the circumstances.

If you wish to issue proceedings without a solicitor, a copy of the forms you need to lodge are available on the court service website here. The court service provides a guide to complete the forms and also offer an advice session, known as a Personal Petitioner Interview, for £59.

What is often over looked when trying to get divorced without engaging solicitors are the financial matters that remain outstanding between two spouses. Marriage is a financial contract that does not just end on divorce. If you should proceed to get divorced without getting a final order severing all financial ties to your spouse, your ex-spouse will continue to have a claim on your financial assets long after your divorce is finalised. This is true even if you should move on to buy new assets, or even get married again.

If you would like more information on how to separate your assets and all financial ties on divorce, we offer a fixed fee consultation providing an overview of how the court would divide the relevant assets. To book your appointment now contact our family law team here.

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