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The relaxed summer holidays may feel somewhat of a distant memory after only a week back at school. For some however the new school term is a welcomed opportunity to bring routine back in to their lives, particularly for any parents who have separated over the summer and have tried to implement a co-parenting schedule without the backbone of such routine.

For any parents trying to implement a new routine of two homes for their children it can feel like a daunting experience, especially when it took so long to find your rhythm with school in the first place.

For some families one parent may enjoy their time with the children at the weekend and the responsibility for the school routine falls to the other. Other families may agree a shared care arrangement whereby the children spend half of the week with one parent and the other half with another, with both parents having equal responsibility for the school routine.

The school day can help parents create a schedule around drop-off and collection whereby the children have stayed overnight with one parent and go to stay with the other parent after school that day. For some of the more acrimonious relationship breakdowns this can be a good way to avoid any unnecessary confrontation in front of the children.

Different contact arrangements work for different families. It is important that whatever schedule is put in place routines are respected, homework duties are completed and the children go to school happy and content.

At Edwards and Co. Solicitors our Family and Matrimonial Department has extensive experience in dealing with children’s issues pursuant to separation. If you are having problems with agreeing a new schedule or routine for your children with your ex-partner and would like advice please do not hesitate to contact Carla Fraser.


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