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Is staying married for the sake of children actually damaging to children? When contemplating separation and divorce, many parents opt to put it off due to the potential impact on their children. However, feuding parents staying together could be causing their
children more psychological damage than they would by splitting up.

A study by York University found that it is actually the environment before parents separate which can have a significant impact on children. Children who witness their parents’ altercations may feel increased anxiety, become upset by seeing one parent unhappy/sad and may grow up not knowing how to manage conflict themselves. Children learn by example and may take lessons learned from a toxic relationship with them into their future relationships. Children may in fact be happier if their arguing parents split up. They may be more content and feel less anxious seeing their parents happier, even if this means in two separate homes. Two happy homes may be healthier than one unhappy home.

If you should decide that separation is the best way forward for you and your family, the formalities do not necessarily have to become acrimonious. Separating in an amicable way can ensure a seamless transition for both of you and the children. Parents can attempt to do this by agreeing a divorce based on a non fault ground, discussing a fair and equitable resolution to the outstanding finances, and agreeing fair and practical arrangements for the children. Unnecessary litigation should be avoided if parents wish to manage the breakdown of a marriage to ensure minimal psychological impact on the children. Clarity, consideration and respectful behaviour will lead the way for the children to emerge relatively unscathed from separation/divorce.

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