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Belfast solicitors, Edwards & Co., which represents around 3,500 officers in the police holiday pay case, has said the decision by the PSNI to appeal the Court of Appeal Judgement to the Supreme Court is ‘disappointing but not unexpected.’

Edwards & Co Senior Partner, Dorcas Crawford, said the decision by the new Chief Constable Stephen Byrne to seek leave to go to the Supreme Court would greatly lengthen the process to resolve this long-standing issue.

Ms Crawford said: “It remains to be seen whether the Supreme Court will hear the Appeal – there is no guarantee that it will. Our clients of course have won at every stage so far – the Employment Tribunal and the Court of Appeal – and we expect the outcome to be the same if the Supreme Court does decide to hear it.

“We have thousands of officers who are owed for under-payment of holiday pay stretching back more than twenty years and they, and their families, deserve to have this resolved.

“Our client, the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, has instructed us to continue to pursue its members’ interests with the same vigour as we’ve done to date to ensure officers receive what they are entitled to.

“This decision by the Chief Constable Stephen Byrne is disappointing, but not unexpected.

“Of course there is the possibility of a negotiated settlement if the Chief Constable wishes to engage in discussions and we will have to wait and see whether that happens.”

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