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The Fund Raising Regulator launched a new Code of Fund Raising Practice on 6 June 2019. This comes into effect in October 2019. That gives fundraisers a period of time to get familiar with the new Code. The new Code is a great improvement on the previous Code and the change of design and update to content makes it easier for fundraisers, charities and other third party organisations which do fundraising to know what is expected of them when carrying out fundraising activities.

It is also helpful for members of the public who make donations to know what is expected from fundraisers.

The new Code consolidates the former Code so all of the standards are in one place. It is easier to navigate round the content and it clearly differentiates the position in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. It also holds the plain English campaign Crystal mark standard which will make it easier to understand and more comprehensive.

You can find a link to the Code here and if you have any queries about the legal requirements regarding fundraising please get in touch with Jenny who will be glad to help.