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Welcome to series 3 of our Bitesize Myth Buster.

If you are facing divorce, we hope our bitesize blog will help alleviate some of the unnecessary worries you may have at an early stage and/or help you get to grips with the principles of divorce in Northern Ireland.

You don’t have to legally own something to be entitled to it

Marriage is a financial contract between spouses. As soon as you get married you both have what is called an ‘equitable interest’ in each others assets. That means, when you get divorced, all assets are on the table for discussion. That includes property you bought before you got married, as well as property you own jointly with another family member. If you are divorcing after a long marriage but your spouse has legally owned the family home all this time, you will still be entitled to half of the property, or more if you are the main carer for minor children of the family.