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Julie Leonard, our employment lawyer, acts for 2700 of the police officers involved in the Tribunal Case in which Judgment was given on Friday 2nd November in favour of our clients. Julie has been working on the case since early 2016 and says she is absolutely delighted with the outcome.

The case was a major success for our clients who were supported by the Police Federation for Northern Ireland, with the Tribunal finding that Police officers are entitled to have their overtime pay taken into account when calculating their holiday pay.

In contravention of the relevant legislation and a European Directive, the Tribunal found that the PSNI had made unlawful deductions from pay and therefore our clients are due to be compensated.

The amount of each officer’s compensation will have to be calculated individually, an exercise the Tribunal described as ‘a Herculean effort’.

The fact that our clients were supported by the Police Federation means that no costs will be deducted from the compensation they ultimately receive. This is a huge benefit in

Tribunal cases where even a successful Claimant has to pay their own costs.

We are currently preparing a detailed summary of the judgement for each of our clients, and in the meantime also await the Chief Constable’s response as to whether there will be an appeal.


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