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Welcome to part 12 of our Bitesize Divorce Blog: Jargon Buster.

If you are facing divorce we hope our bitesize blog will help you get to grips with some of the legal jargon and in turn help you understand better the legal process you are going through.

Here we explain, in plain language, the kind of terms you may come across during the process of divorce.


If it is not possible to reach a voluntary financial settlement with your spouse, then your solicitor will advise that you issue Ancillary Relief Proceedings. These Court proceedings will resolve the outstanding financial matters between spouses once and for all. Either spouse can start these proceedings and the only condition is that a divorce petition must already be lodged with the Court. Your legal team will make every effort to settle the case at an early stage but if this is not possible then the case will be listed for a court hearing in front of an Ancillary Relief Judge, and they will decide how to divide the assets.