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Welcome to part 11 of our Bitesize Divorce Blog: Jargon Buster.

If you are facing divorce we hope our bitesize blog will help you get to grips with some of the legal jargon and in turn help you understand better the legal process you are going through.

Here we explain, in plain language, the kind of terms you may come across during the process of divorce.



A Matrimonial Agreement is a financial settlement reached between parties who have separated. This document will outline what is to happen to each asset owned by each spouse after divorce, whether it’s a joint asset or an asset owned by one spouse. This is a very important document and is designed to ensure, as far as possible, a full and final settlement between spouses, so each spouse can move on with their lives financially with no ties to the other. In order to ensure a binding full and final settlement, it is important each spouse gets legal advice from their own individual solicitor.