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Edwards & CoEdwards & Co. was a proud corporate sponsor of the wonderful event that took place in Belfast, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh on Sunday 10th June 2018, a massive artwork to celebrate 100 years since the Suffragettes first won votes for women in the UK.

Participants wore scarves of violet, white and green, the colours the Suffragettes had adopted to represent dignity, purity and hope respectively. Almost 5,000 women processed from Titanic Slipways through the streets of Belfast to the City Hall. The atmosphere was electric and women of all generations smiled, cheered and chanted about all kinds of issues relating to equality for women.

But for us at Edwards & Co. the sponsorship was about more than just the day. Being a corporate sponsor meant that we partnered with a local community women’s group for a banner-making workshop in preparation for the big event. The Edwards & Co. team were fortunate enough to partner with Womenstec, a fantastic organisation in North Belfast providing training for women in non-traditional skills. We also partnered with Lean In Belfast, again endorsing the theme of gender equality, and our workshop was an evening of creativity, laughter and forging new friendships that we hope will go well beyond the event itself. The women that evening were from the most diverse range of backgrounds imaginable, but we shared a common desire to work together to support women in the many areas that, despite the achievements of the courageous Suffragettes, still lag so far behind in terms of equality.

The slogan we chose for our banner said it all ‘TOGETHER WE ARE MIGHTY’, and on Sunday 10th June we marched proudly with our colleagues, our friends and our daughters to celebrate those brave women from 100 years ago and to shout loudly that there is still much work to be done. With the help of great organisations like Womenstec and Lean in we’ll continue that work until the world until true equality for women is achieved.