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More than 2,500 neurology patients in Northern Ireland, including children, are being recalled for an urgent case review. The recall comes amid concerns that some patients may have been misdiagnosed. It follows a review of the work of neurology consultant Dr Michael Watt at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. The affected patients should have received a letter by post on 1st May.

The Belfast Health Trust has said it was a ‘serious’ situation and apologised to patients and their families.

The news has left the 2500 affected worried and confused and the trust they once had for their treating consultant diminished.

Dr Mark Mitchelson, who is responsible for neurosciences at the Belfast Health Trust has said: ‘While we hope this will affect a very small number of patients - the change in diagnosis could potentially be very significant…we understand that this must be incredibly anxious for them and, for that, we are deeply sorry for any distress that has been caused…equally, we feel it's absolutely vital that we are prudent and cautious when dealing with any patient safety issues and hence, that is why we are recalling these patients to be seen.’
Some patients may have physical and or psychological consequences arising from being misdiagnosed, and may have incurred unnecessary medical expenses.

If you have received a letter in relation to the above or think you may have been affected by clinical negligence please contact Francesca Glynn on (028) 9032 1863.