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Welcome to part 6 of our Bitesize Divorce Blog: Jargon Buster.

If you are facing divorce we hope our bitesize blog will help you get to grips with some of the legal jargon and in turn help you understand better the legal process you are going through.

Here we explain, in plain language, the kind of terms you may come across during the process of divorce.


Annulment is another way of ending a marriage. An Annulment can be grated based on the following reasons:

The marriage is not legally valid, or is ‘void’ if: -
• you are closely related
• one of the parties was under 16
• one of the parties was already married or in a civil partnership

The marriage can be found defective, or ‘voidable’ if: -
• it was not consummated
• you did not properly consent to the marriage
• one party had a sexually transmitted disease when you got married
• the female party was pregnant with a different male